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The Oval-Shaped grave

This is indeed a place of culture, of ritual and a necropolis...

fosse ovalaire de glozelThe oval, ship_like structures served as places of burial. The different types of burial included cremations during which ashes were put in symbolical and highly unusual vases, for the most part decorated with particularly penetrating eyes, and very often accompanied by an inscription consisting of signs similar to those incised and engraved on the majority of Glozel artifacts.

The fragments of human bones discovered raise the possibility that the flesh was intentionally and ritually removed from the bones after death. These exceptional sets of bones, and in particular those relating to the cranium, suggest an act of contrition. One must acknowledge the extreme thickness, double that of present crania.




Diagram of the grave showing the paving

  1. huge stones on top of "witness" pebbles
  2. large paving bricks
  3. side walls
  4. loose earth
  5. large paving brick with hand print

(from a document drawn up by Dr Antonin MORLET)

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