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Phallic Idols

idôle phalliqueTypologies of specific objects exist at Glozel: for example; phallic, bisexual idols. These are a strong argument for the age of this site. In fact, the witnesses to virility are clearly shown, as in other primitive tribes, with the right part of the scrotum lower than the left. This element in the anatomical laws of sculpture is one common to primitive peoples; variation from the norm is an attribute of a particular race. In fact it was probably a dietary change which led to the development of problems of circulation and to this reversal.



Le "chasseur"

Le chasseur (ou Chaman)

One of the masterpieces found at Glozel is a small sculpture in the round called the "Hunter" or "Shaman". He holds a dagger in his right hand; his feet are planted on the belly of a dying animal.

Macrophotography reveals that he is wearing two necklaces around his neck, one composed of the spherical elements called "rattles" or "bolas" which have long intrigued the archaeological community.

The man is portrayed in ritual nudity and the hanging collar, as a mammary symbol, is a call to the primordial, original cult of the Great Mother Goddess.


Objet multimamia

These little "rattles" or "bolas" so intriguing to archaeologists were in realîty meant to be worn around the neck. Objet multimamia



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