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The Writing

The writing is the great gift of Glozel, and also its greatest puzzle. It has caused much ink to run, and has frustrated more than one person. Currently several researchers have managed to define it and are starting to decipher it.

Tablette gravéeThis type of writing is not unique. Several related ancient alphabets exist in the old languages of Italy and Iberia (Alvao in Portugal, etc.) This writing draws attention to a pre-Indo-European, pre-Etruscan language, the ancient base of which one must consult to find the key. Its roots exist in Irish, Icelandic, Finnish and Norse.

Several scholars, including Marie Labarrère Delorme, Maurice Guignard and Christian de Warenghien, and Rudolf Hitz are currently working to put the finishing touches on their research papers (a thesis on the subject is being prepared). Some have already published. The writing will be the determining factor in reliably dating Glozel.

The public has learned about the Glozelian language by means of the day tablets, which have often been published. On the other hand, they don't realize that these "signs" are found on the majority of the objects discovered at the Field of the Dead by Dr. Antonin Morlet between the two wars. On most of the pieces, (sculptures, engravings on stone, on bone, on ivory, reindeer or deer horn) one finds the same signs as those traced on the clay tablets, demonstrating the indisputable homogeneity of the site.

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